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Our agricultural weather app not only shows your local weather, but also helps you to use your crop protection products more efficiently by advising the optimum spraying time. The effect of spraying strongly depends on the conditions in the periods before, during and after spraying (weather, plant, soil) and the active ingredient(s). Moreover the app shows the infection of major crop diseases. The app is available for free for iOS & Android when becoming a WeatherOnline agricultural weather member.

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Agricultural weather stations


Our apps can be supported by on-site weather stations measurements. We offer the Rainwise Inc AgroMET professional weather system which has been designed with the grower in mind! This durable and dependable station collects on-site environmental information critical to making informed decisions for best practice planting, spraying and watering schedules. The agricultural specific weather data is sent to a cloud-based web hosting service, via a small and easy to install network interface, the IP-100. No computer link is necessary for uploading data from your weather station through the IP-100 to the web.

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All our products are supported by the excellent forecast services of WeatherOnline Ltd. In a joined project, we have established a state-of -the-art crop weather model. This model takes a general weather forecast as input and calculates the hourly conditions within the crop, given: a location (lat, lon), crop type, crop stage and soil moisture status. This gives us an accurate forecast for the crop and soil temperature, humidity inside the crop, leaf wetness duration and soil moisture status. This webservice (API) is also available for third party integration.

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Agricultural models


With our knowledge any many years of experience in agricultural meteorology, we are able provide all sorts of weather related models for agricultural purposes. We can develop models with you and for you and directly link your models to our global weather data.

Our webservices (API's) including: hourly crop weather data, disease forecasts and spraying advise are available for third party integration. Here your own weather station network can be used as input.


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Nieveen & Bouma Agro Weather Services is an agricultural meteorological company. We specialise the influence or weather on crop protection and crop diseases.
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